Napier: Qibla 257° (clockwise from true N)

Notes and Dua for keeping and breaking the fast.

Wednesday 22 May 2019

Fajr   5:52
Shuruq   7:15
Dzuhr   12:09
Asr   2:43
Maghrib   5:03
Isha   6:21

Thursday 23 May 2019

Fajr   5:52
Shuruq   7:16
Dzuhr   12:09
Asr   2:43
Maghrib   5:02
Isha   6:21

Please Note:

5 minutes has been allowed between sunset and maghrib / iftaar

The time for Asr is based on a single shadow.

Asr based on a double shadow is 1 hour 15 mins later.

Isha time based on shafaqul ahapr is 15 minutes earlier then the times shown.

Dua For Keeping The Fast:
Allahumma inni nawaito laka sauma ramadhan.
Oh Allah, I intend to keep the fast of Ramadhan for Your Pleasure.

Dua For Breaking The Fast:
Allahumma laka sumto wa bika amanto wa ala rizquka aftart.
Oh Allah, I fasted for You. I believe in You and I break the fast with your provisions.

Timetable For The Entire Month

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