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Footnotes (7)

90 Bukhaari & Muslim.

91 Baihaqi with a sanad meeting the requirements of Bukhaari and Muslim.

92 Tirmidhi and Haakim, who declared it saheeh, and I have given it in Irwaa' al-Ghaleel (292), the publication of which Allaah has made easy.

93 Daaraqutni, Haakim, Baihaqi, Tirmidhi, Ibn Maajah & Tabaraani; it is given in Irwaa' (296)

94 Bukhaari, Muslim, Ahmad, Siraaj, Tabaraani (3/108/2) & Ibn Sa'd (1/234). It is also in Irwaa' (290)

95 i.e..,the 'Asr prayer according to the correct saying of the majority of scholars, among them Abu Haneefah and his two students. There are ahaadeeth about this which Ibn Katheer has given in his Tafseer of the Qur'aan.

96 Tirmidhi, who declared it saheeh, and Ahmad.

97 Muslim and Bukhaari, and it is given in my book Irwaa' al- Ghaleel under Hadeeth 394.

98 Bukhaari, Abu Daawood and Ahmad.

99 ibid. Khattaabi said, "The meaning of 'Imran's hadeeth is intended for a sick person who is able to undergo hardship and stand with difficulty. Hence the reward of praying sitting has been made half of the reward of praying standing: encouraging him to pray standing while allowing him to sit." Ibn Hajr said in Fath al-Baari (2/468): "This deduction is valid".

100 Ahmad & Ibn Maajah with a saheeh sanad.

101 Tabaraani, Bazzaar, Ibn as-Samaak in his hadeeth book (67/2) & Baihaqi . It has a saheeh isnaad as I have explained in Silsilah al-Ahaadeeth as-Saheehah (323).

102 Bazzaar (68), Daaraqutni, 'Abdul Ghani al-Maqdisi in his Sunan (82/2) and Haakim declared it saheeh and Dhahabi agreed.

103 Abu Daawood and Haakim, who declared it saheeh, as did Dhahabi. I have given it in as-Saheehah (319) and Irwaa' (383)

104 Muslim and Abu Daawood.

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