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Footnotes (20)

285 Muslim, Ibn Khuzaimah & Haakim.

286 Muslim & Abu Daawood.

287 ibid.

288 Ibn Maajah & Ibn Khuzaimah.

289 Tahaawi, Ibn Hibbaan in his saheeh & Ibn Bushraan; Ibn Haajar declared it hasan in al-Ahaadeeth al-'Aaliyaat (no. 16).

290 Bukhaari & Muslim.

291 Muslim, & Bukhaari in Juz' al-Qiraa'ah (Article on Recitation).

292 Abu Daawood with a saheeh isnaad & Ibn Khuzaimah (1/165/1).

293 Ahmad & Muslim.

294 Abu Daawood, Tirmidhee& Ibn Khuzaimah (1/67/2); the latter two declared it saheeh.

295 Ibn Khuzaimah in his saheeh (1/67/2).

296 Bukhaari & Abu Daawood.

297 Ahmad & Muslim. The hadeeth contains evidence that reciting more than al-Faatihah in the last two rak'ahs is a sunnah, and many Companions did so, among them Abu Bakr Siddeeq (may Allaah be pleased with him). It is also the view of Imaam Shaafi'i, whether in Zuhr or others, and of our later scholars, Abul Hasanaat al-Lucknowi took it in Notes on Muhammad's al-Muwatta' (p. 102) and said: "Some of our companions take hold a very strange view in obligating a sajdah sahw (prostration for forgetfulness) for the recitation of a soorah in the last two rak'ahs, but the commentators on al-Maniyyah, Ibraaheem al-Halabi, Ibn Ameer Haajj and others, have refuted this view extremely well. There is no doubt that those who said this were unaware of the hadeeth, and had it reached them they would not have said so."

298 Bukhaari & Muslim.

299 Ibn Khuzaimah in his saheeh (1/67/2) & Diyaa' al-Maqdisi in al-Mukhtaarah with a saheeh isnaad.

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